31 Days of Self Love Challenge

One of my favorite quotes about self-love is “Your greatest responsibility is to love yourself and know your enough.” It reminds us that we must make ourselves a priority from time to time. It’s not a selfish act because who will take care of you if you don’t do it yourself?

I know it can be easier said than done, and some of us don’t even know where to start. But don’t allow that excuse to stop you from taking the first step.

I created our first 31 days of self-love challenge to encourage women to take a deeper step into their own self-reflection. In order to improve ourselves, we have to understand where our fear, insecurities, and trauma lie.

Here are the 31 questions of self-love, one for each day. Be honest with yourself and take your time.

  1. When was the last time you felt proud of yourself?
  2. What was a recent challenge you’ve overcome?
  3. What recent lesson have you learned?
  4. What do you love about your body?
  5. Name at least three things you love to do.
  6. How can you include more of what you love to do in your daily life?
  7. What are 10 things you are grateful for?
  8. How can you nourish yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally?
  9. Do you have enough support in your life? If not, how can you find or create a support system for yourself?
  10. What do you dislike about yourself and why? Are these reasons based on your thoughts or someone else’s?
  11. How would you feel if you saw no flaws within yourself?
  12. What is something you should forgive yourself for? Write yourself a letter releasing all of your regrets.
  13. Is there someone or multiple people who have done you wrong? Write a letter to them forgiving them of their actions and releasing all negative feelings.
  14. What are five of your favorite personality traits?
  15. How can you show up more as your authentic self?
  16. What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself? Why do you feel that way?
  17. How can you replace those negative beliefs with positive ones? Write down each negative belief and replace it with a positive one.
  18. What blessings or opportunities have you received within the last few months?
  19. Write down your five favorite strengths.
  20. What motivates you daily? Do you have someone who inspires you?
  21. What is a personal goal you want to achieve in the next 30 days?
  22. What does your dream day look like? How do you feel? What do you see? What do you smell?
  23. What can you do to grow closer to your dream day? Write down at least three goals that will get you closer to your dream day.
  24. How do you treat yourself for a job well done?
  25. How can you grow into your best and happiest self?
  26. In what ways do you give or volunteer your time?
  27. Are you holding on to any negative feelings from your past? How can you free yourself from those feelings?
  28. Write down 10 positive statements about yourself.
  29. What are five things you love about yourself?
  30. Who do you like spending time with? Why do you enjoy their company?
  31. What have you learned about yourself in the last 31 days?

After doing this challenge, how do you feel? Did you discover a new part of yourself? Do you now know the areas you need to improve? I hope you’ve learned a lot about yourself during the last 31 days.

If you’re up for sharing, I would love to hear about your experience and what you’ve discovered about yourself during our challenge. You can email me at info@thepositivelifestyle.store or send me a DM on Instagram at positive.lifestyle.store.

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